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January 2017
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Happy New Year! May 2017 be a year filled with magical, wonderful times and may your families enjoy health and prosperity.
In the Chinese zodiac this is the year of the Rooster so be like a rooster and jump. Make bold but early decisions that will ensure your year stands out from all the others. Save and invest wisely respect everything from cash through to the environment, especially water.
With schools having reopened for the year and most businesses back in full operation again, a friendly reminder that our website, Facebook page, blog and monthly newsletters are planned to deliver general community news, but also to showcase and support local business.
With this in mind should you wish to be listed on our website, simply create an account and add your business.
Your listing will be highlighted in our next newsletter as well as on our Facebook page. All listings are FREE of charge because Lew Norgarb (Principal of Norgarb Properties) who plays an active role in the community, has a passion for local businesses and entrepreneurs as well as a ‘soft spot’ for animals, and hence his company sponsors these listings and supports animal organisations.
Click here to find out more about Norgarb Properties and the agents who operate in Southern Suburbs. They offer no-obligation valuations and property sales expertise on all residential properties, from Rondebosch to Tokai and everything in-between.
Due to technical difficulties, the last two newsletters are not available on our website as yet. They are however available to you online, at the following links:
All newsletters prior to that are available by clicking here.
The water restrictions which are in place now are a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly.
A recent email distributed by the Kenilworth Residents Association regarding the situation is of importance.
The City water blitz showed the difficulty in catching culprits without the help of residents and the City really needs our help, the help of the public, to ensure adherence to Level 3 water restrictions.
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feature articles
Kenilworth Vet is a well-established small animal veterinary practice. With two permanent Veterinarians and well trained staff who are always willing to help, the practice is based at 47 Kenilworth Road, on the corner of Kenilworth Road and 2nd Avenue.
Their hours are Mondays – Sundays from 8:00am to 13:00 and they are open again from 15:00 to 18:30 daily.
Kenilworth Vet are regular contributors with articles in our blog. Click here to view their articles.
This month Kim Hofmann shares tips on how to set realistic targets/objectives to enable you to reach your weight loss goals. Click here read more.
Princeton Armed Response highlights the downside of outdated security measures such as motion detectors. Is your home or business at risk?
The HVCID shares some very important information regarding outdoor security beams, or passives.
They highlight various points to consider when choosing such products, to realise and understand that intrusion detection equipment is not 100% fool proof!
Click here to read the full article.
Lyn Staples, “the Norgarb Properties agent with the winning recipe’’ is back and ready to share some of her much loved recipes with us.
This month’s Honey and Mustard coated sausages are mouth-watering whether you are entertaining or wanting something a little different for dinner.
Click here for the recipe.
Well done in taking the first step to alleviate your pain by consulting your chiropractor. Now the tough questions is “How long until I feel better?”
Dr Murray McDonald from the Claremont Chiropractic Health Centre has the answer. Click here for the full article.
These businesses will be listed on our website soon:
updated businesses
Dinner is Done
Mannys Fish Shop Ink Station Palmyra Junction
Upcoming Events
The Sun Met
Date: 28 January 2017
Location: Kenilworth Racecourse
Time: 11:00 - 24:00
The official theme of The Sun Met is "Decades of Glamour".
This years' theme captures the essence of the last eight decades from vintage to modern, retro to classic and everything in-between.Choose your decade, plan your outfit and enjoy a fabulous day at the races!
principals pen
The Norgarb Properties Team have been very busy over the festive season and have the following properties for sale. Here are some of the properties they have sold as well as some properties still in the pipeline.
Apartment in Claremont (R1 120 000)
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We trust that this year is going to be a rewarding one .