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Your guide to what is happening in and around the Village

Your guide to what is happening in and around the Village

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November 2016
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As we near the end of the year with summer and the holidays on our doorstep, we have a great newsletter filled with interesting articles, deals and so much more. Norgarb Properties is offering R1000 worth of cash prizes in this month's survey competitions!!
From 1 November: Level 3 water restrictions come with a total ban on the use of hosepipes and sprinklers to water gardens.
Watering/ irrigation (with drinking water from municipal supply) of gardens, lawns, flower beds and other plants, vegetable gardens, sports fields, parks and other open spaces allowed only if using a bucket or watering can. No use of hosepipes or automatic sprinkler systems allowed. Watering times are not restricted however residents are urged to limit their watering to the mornings and evenings.
No watering/ irrigation within 24 hours of rainfall that provides adequate saturation.
- This is a message from the City of Cape Town.
With the stringent water restrictions in force, we must all endeavour to do our part to save water.
This life giving resource is precious and valuable, and if your attitude is such that you can water your garden with a hosepipe or sprinkler because no-one can see your back garden then you have missed the point of restrictive watering.
The water restrictions are in place because the water level of our dams are very low. With the tourist season coming up there will be an additional strain on our water resources.
Water is our most valuable resource and we cannot survive without it. As a community we must take this matter seriously and protect our water taking responsibility for the use thereof. The City Council has imposed huge penalties for those who exceed the water limits and also for those who are caught using a hosepipe to water their gardens.
Saving water is in all of our best interest, so please do your part, not only because of the penalties but because it is the right thing to do.
Pre-school applications for 2017
The Children’s Studio Montessori Pre-school is a safe and nurturing environment for children, ages 2-6, in Harfield Village.
Children are encouraged to grow, learn and develop through creative exploration. A flexible aftercare and holiday care program is available.
They are now accepting applications for 2017.
Animal Rescue Organisation
In the past we have assisted the Animal Rescue Organisation to home animals within our community through our newsletter. As an avid animal lover, Lew Norgarb feels touched by the fact that our newsletter powered by Norgarb Properties has been able to help home orphaned fur children.
Little lady Lilly!
This sweet little angel is looking for a forever home.
She was surrendered with her sibilings when her Mom was brought in to be sterilised. Lilly is about 5 months old and will be a small dog.
She has a very loving girly nature and has been an extremely well-behaved chilled out puppy! She gets on well with the dogs and cats in her foster home and loves to hang out with the kids.
Lilly has an easy-going nature and doesn't need too much exercise and fuss. She just wants to hang out with her peeps.
If you can offer Lilly a loving home please contact Tamsyn 0824117922 or
Smudge and Jay Jay....
These two brothers have so much love to give!
They adore people and just want to snuggle up and cuddle. They are very playful and affectionate.
Great with dogs and other cats so they will fit into any home easily. They can be homed together or separately.
If you think you can offer Jay Jay or Smudge a home please contact Tamsyn on 0824117922 or
The Friends of Harfield Parks request that residents assist in carrying buckets of water (preferably grey water) to the park to help the plants and trees survive though summer.
To help keep the moisture from evaporating a deep mulch will need to be added around all the plants. Donations for mulch would be greatly appreciated!
This month we have two surveys and two linked competitions. There are cash prizes to the value of R1000 sponsored by Norgarb Properties. Responding to either or both surveys automatically qualifies you into the respective lucky draws of R500 each.
SURVEY/ COMPETITION ONE: (Five x R100 prizes)
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Norgarb Properties is sponsoring a cash prize of R500 to one lucky reader.
To enter, simply complete the survey to enable us to establish how many residents received the 2017 calendar in their letter box.
If you did not receive one and would like to have one delivered or if you would like an additional one, please do complete the survey and we will deliver one to you. Alternatively, you can download the 2017 calendar here.
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The draw will take place on 15th December.
Winners will be announced via email as well as on our Facebook page and mentioned again in our next newsletter. Good Luck!
Norgarbs Competition Winners
Congratulations to Jacinta Richards of Harfield Village who won a ticket to the Juice and Smoothie Detox Class presented by Michelle Mace.
Jacinta is the winner in the October Newsletter Competition sponsored by Norgarb Properties.
feature articles
All our feature articles can be found on our BLOG. Click here to be directed to our blog site.
Treats that can kill
As the festive season approaches and we stock up on all those special foods and treats, it is a time of over indulgence for both human and pets! But beware!
Kenilworth Vet cautions us in regards to a condition called Pancreatitis that can be real danger to your pet’s health. Read the full article here.
Guilt Free Summer Feasting
Now that Summers longer, warmer days are here, a refreshing summer salad is the perfect way to ensure all your daily dietary requirements are met. Salads are wonderful as you can create a tantalizing meal to suit you. Served as a side dish or as a main meal, salads are simple and easy to make.
Interior protection is no longer adequite
This month Princeton Armed Response highlight the inadequacies of only having internal alarm systems, motion detectors and the like. Click here to find out why Perimeter Protection can save your life.
Sign up with Princeton Armed Response in December and receive one month FREE subscription.
Take Time to Secure your Home
The festive season is fast approaching and many will be heading off on their annual holiday. To ensure that your home and belongings are safe and secure while you are away, please take the time to read the following security tips from the HVCID.
Festive Recipe Treat
This month the Norgarb Properties agent with the winning recipe, Lyn Staples, shares a very special family tradition.
Her mother-in-law’s Gammon recipe which they used every Christmas since she met her husband 45 years ago.
What to Plant?
With the water restrictions in place we need to think carefully about what we choose to plant in our gardens and/or balconies.
We need to plant water-wise plants, prioritise which plants to water and then use ‘’grey’’ water to water these plants.
The Patchwork group support the “grow food not lawns” campaign, so have a look at their suggestions as to what to plant this month by clicking here.
Sneakers in Edward St
Shoes hanging from power lines!
Most of us have seen these – a pair of shoes, laces tied together, tossed over telephone or power lines… what exactly does it mean?
Is this phenomenon gang related, drug related or an urban ledgend?
Click here for the full story, told by local resident Madge Gibson.
updated businesses
Banana Jam Cafe Julip Landscaping
Join Princeton Armed Response in December and get one month FREE.
Contact them now for a quote to secure your home or office.
Click here to download your free Norgarb Properties 2017 Calendar.
Upcoming Events
Date: 11 December 2016
Time: From 16:30
Park: Purley Park, Harfield Village
Highlights: Young Guided Stars Sacred String Band & Maranatha Male Choir; Christmas Raffle Draw; Stalls and Food trucks.
principals pen
Have a look at the latest properties Lew Norgarb and the Norgarb Properties Team have on their books.
House in Plumstead (R2 195 000)
House in Claremont/Harfield - Renovated cottage, an entertainers delight (R1 950 000)
House in Kenilworth - Turn of the century family home (R3 500 000)
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