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security layers
  • As communities, we are having to revise our approach when dealing with security issues on a regular basis.

    There are many contributing factors as to why one security model has never, and can never, work.

    1. Our local Policing structurehas changed drastically over the last decade. We are currently in an age where private secuirty companies out-gun, out-man and out-vehicle our SAPS force 7:1. 

    We therefore cannot rely on visible policing and effective policing to be done by a SAPS force that is so heavily under staffed and under resourced.

    1. CCTVis a great way to cover a large area, however, with no man-power on the ground, the information gathered from these CCTV groups are useless, as a camera cannot affect an arrest. The use of cloned and stolen license plates also make it difficult for accurate intel to be gathered by these CCTV group and therefore verification by men on the ground is of the utmost importance.
    1. Neighbourhood Watchesare becoming more and more important to mobilise communities. With the countless eyes and ears on the ground just reporting constant communication and suspicious behaviour, their intel is invaulable. Neighbourhood Watches, however, are also relient on SAPS/security personel on the ground, as trained individuals to affect arrests.
    1. Private Security Companiesare more accountable than SAPS for what happens in and around your community. The more impact your organisation has on a community, the more market share you receive. Although security personel are trained and armed, we still rely on SAPS to formally charge suspects so that the detecives can process and present the case in court

    As you will see, the above four layers are dependant on one another, and if a community gets the right mix, your layered approach to your security will have a positive result.

    It is important to remember that not one of the above is good on its own, as we are entering an era where most people think CCTV is the only option. This is not the case.

    Currently Whatsapp groups are being used to circulate information between the above members, which is a great form of getting information to move across quickly. We are lucky in Claremont Sector 1 and 4 to have an amazing Neighbourhood Watch (Harlyn NHW), and we should use this integration to our advantage to reduce our crime levels.

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