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Surika is back at Ambiente from the month of August. She worked at Ambiente as a therapist for more than three years. She will be managing and performing treatments.

Surika managed upmarket Spa’s in the country since she left Ambiente a few years ago. Her knowledge of the beauty and wellness industry expanded. She is moving from Gauteng to join Ambiente.

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Surika Arense is a registered specialist with multiple qualifications in the experience of living beautifully. Her commitment to her clients’ aspirations is watertight. The thorough consultations she offers in First Avenue, Harfield Village are beyond compare. Lattice shutters on the French windows and subdued lighting provide an insulating signature to her selection of treatments, adding an understated sequel to this historically colourful suburb. Hers is a timeless sanctuary which lends itself to hidden truths from far away. The complement of well devised treatments she has created, aim to give one a sense of purity from within. Heavy set white drapes adorn the passages and mildly heated layers of towels reward the body as a prologue to serenity. Surika’s focus is swift and she uses a range of the most reputable dermatalogically tested and natural based applications.

“Beauty is nature’s way of recognising internal harmony and beauty loyally supports this harmony too’’, says Surika.

The setting invites clients to open up the spaces around them and every aspect is positioned to be highly relaxing. A wide scope of views surrounding beauty influences Surika’s highly relaxing therapy.

Surika’s is also accomplished in the dance form ‘Raks Sharki’. It is also popularly known as ‘belly dancing’ where the shimmy dance involves elaborate celebrations of the feminine form. Ms Arendse has appeared in people’s theatres in Egypt, Turkey and India, has choreographed dance shows for two of Cape Town’s ritzy bohemian night spots, unique to this city.  She is now also a sought after dance trainer.

Her approach is embodied by an interest in contemporary clinical developments in the cosmetic arena as well as knowledge of ancient aesthetic practices. The Allied Health Profession Council awarded her with Therapeutic Aromatherapy. Surika blends oils and believes in the benefits of preparations of naturally occurring cosmetic substances such as the Frankincense plant and beeswax.

Impressions of Nefertiti, the Egyptian Queen famed for her loveliness, inspire Surika’s extraordinary originality at her Cape Town practice.

Her connections to a range of influences spanning centuries, is graciously aligned to her clients ambitions to live in a beautiful way.

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