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Dear Residents


In the past month there have unfortunately been several incidents of common robbery in the Village and the surrounding suburbs.  Pedestrians or residents leaving their home have been robbed of their cell phones/handbags by suspects who sometimes use dangerous weapons and who more often than not are using motor vehicles or scooters as their getaway vehicle. We recommend that you take time to read the following advice

  • Do not linger at your property gates when saying good bye to guests.
  • If arriving at a residence which does not have an active doorbell, remain in your vehicle and call the person you are visiting on your cell phone to ask them to let you in.
  • Be alert of your surroundings – these are opportunistic crimes and they happen very quickly.
  • Please do not try to be a hero, your life is worth more than your possessions.
  • Remain calm and try to recall any information that could be helpful to a first responder.
  • Try to give the responders quick and clear descriptions of the suspects and if possible any details of a vehicle that may have been used during the crime. This information needs to be given to SAPS, private security providers, and HNW patrollers as soon as possible.
  • Report crime to SAPS to obtain a case number as suspects cannot be detained without it.
  • Receive trauma counselling as soon as possible. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at Claremont SAPS on 021 657 2281.



If your car or motor bike registration plate is stolen or lost PLEASE report this to SAPS immediately – even if it is only written in the OB (observation book) in the charge office. Vehicles are often linked to crimes such as housebreaking and armed robberies. Criminals use plates from their stash which are either stolen plates, cloned or merely picked up along the way. Let us not make their ‘job’ easier!

Kind regards

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