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celebrate 40 years

Harfield Village’s mainstay, Brad’s Grill restaurant is celebrating 40 years of serving award-winning steaks this June. He is inviting Harfield Village residents to participate in the festivities with an awesome rebate on their utility bills and spot prizes.

But we pick up from where it all started. Brad was a resident of Harfield Village back in the early 1970’s, not as a restaurant owner though but as a local homeowner.  He quips that on one or two occasions, traffic officials could never send him traffic fines for any violations, because 35 Durham Avenue is nestled between a park and a one way road. “It’s quite difficult to find if you’re unfamiliar with the area,” giggles Brad.  “Rent at his two bedroom was at time was an unbelievable R70,” says Brad.

Brad’s Grill started in 1976. At that time it was trading under a different name called Zorba Steaks and it was situated on the corner of Lansdowne and Belvedere roads. “That year I entered a national competition for the best pepper steak in South Africa and won,” says Brad.  His award-winning pepper fillet still remains top class and is a sought after meal at Brad’s Grill today.

In 1984 Brad relocated his business to 69 second avenue Harfield village where there were only two restaurants on the strip, Farthings restaurant and Brad’s Grill. Today there are 13 restaurants and the number is growing. This June  Brad’s Grill celebrates 40 years of serving steak and fish excellence. He has never looked back. He takes pride in his loyal staff and is thankful for his success which he has been able to share with his employees by buying two houses for his top grilling staff.

“In my time as owner of Brad’s Grill restaurant I know that I have bumped a few heads with people but I have made good friends too. Perhaps my gesture of giving back to Harfield Village residents by paying a portion of their utility bills can make up for any discord.”

“To show my appreciation to the Harfield Village neighbourhood for their support, for the next two months, any time that a patron dines at Brad’s Grill after 7pm and who hands me a Photostat copy of their telephone, rates or electricity bill, I will pay R40 into their respective  account,” says Brad.

This offer is limited to one person per table.

“Please watch our Facebook page where in time to come there will be a special where everything on the menu will be R40,”says Brad

Once again a big thank you for the support.

021 673 4700

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