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Choosing a Security Company

Seasons Greeting to all Residents and we wish you a prosperous 2015!

This 2015, Princeton Armed Response remains committed to securing the community, and serving our clients with the professionalism and personalized service they have enjoyed over the years.

In this issue, we have listed some criteria we believe important when changing or choosing a new Armed Response Service Provider:

  1. Does your service provider treat you like a valuable client, or just another number?

Service, let alone good service, is hard to come by these days. Especially when it comes to your personal safety, anyone would love to deal with a company who is concerned and compassionate for your well-being.


Does your service provider permit their officers to jump over walls?

It is becoming increasingly important for response officers to have access to the perimeter of your home. This can only happen if the officer jumps over your wall, or if you have a 6 foot wall with a 10 string electric fence, then a key-safe will assist with entrance to the property! Statistically, because the properties are so close together in your area, we have a common occurrence of ‘wall jumpers’. These are the criminals that jump from one property to the next. Response officers need to chase these suspects- so your response team needs to be allowed to jump too!

  1. What is your provider’s average response time?

When choosing your service provider, response time is the difference between life and death. Many people ask the question, ‘what is your client to vehicle ratio’? This is not a bad question, however the more important question should be, ‘what is your average response time’? A well-managed response company can make a big difference with a small fleet. Average Response times are the best indicator that your service provider is able to provide you with the service you are paying for… SPEEDY RESPONSE!

  1. Does your provider regularly train and test their AR/O’s?

Given the nature of an AR/O’s (Armed Response Officer) duty, it is important that they are sent on regular firearm training, and integrity testing. Regulation 21 of the Firearms Act, stipulates that all members are to be tested on a bi-annual basis. This training should involve the following topics:

Safety whilst handling a firearm, Firearm Law, Identifying a Target, and the practical side- target practicing! Regular poly-graphing; although not fool proof; is a good way of keeping your AR/O’s honest!

We hope this article will assist you in the future!

Princeton Adhere to all of the above, with response times averaging under 4 minutes (for accurate stats, you can enquire what the average response time is for your specific area).

Stay Safe this 2015!

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