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crime terminology

Understanding crime is a difficult task, however this can be made easier if you understand the terminology that is used. When you are reporting a crime to SAPS, it also helps if you give the correct information. What you think is a robbery, could be a burglary, and the two are very different!

So here are some of the most common crimes we experience in SA:

Murder consists in the unlawful and intentional killing of another human being.

Attempted Murder consists in the commission of an unlawful act with the intention of killing another human being but which does not result in the death of that human being.

Sexual Assault: This category of crime replaces the former categories of rape and indecent assault.
The new definition is contained in the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act, Act 32 of 2007.

Common Assault is the unlawful and intentional – A) Direct and indirect application of force to the body of another person,
B) Threat of application of immediate personal violence to another, in circumstances in which the threatened person is prevailed upon to believe that the person who is threatening him has the intention and power to carry out his threat.

Culpable Homicide consists of the unlawful, negligent causing of death of another human being.

Common Robbery is the unlawful and intentional forceful removal and appropriation of movable tangible property belonging to another. Note: The decisive factor is the use of force or violence.

Burglary at residential premises: Housebreaking (residential premises) is committed by a person who unlawfully and intentionally breaks into a building or similar structure, used for human habitation, and enters or penetrates it with part of his or her body or with an instrument with which
he or she intends to control something on the premises with the intention to commit a crime on the premises.

Crimen Iniuria is the unlawful intentional serious infringement of the dignity or privacy of another person.

Theft: A person who unlawfully deals with someone else’s property with the intention of depriving the owner of it.

A simple break-down:
ROBBERY: The victim is directly involved unlike a
BURGLARY when no one is home.
COMMON implies that belongings were forcibly taken from your person without the use of a weapon.
ARMED implies these belongings were forcibly taken from your person and a firearm was involved.
WITH ANOTHER WEAPON implies these belongings were forcibly taken from your person and a weapon other than a firearm was used.

There has been quite an increase in Theft cases in the Harfield Village area. The most commonly reported is that of items left inside your yard, but not in the house; which have been taken. It is important to remember to keep your possessions within a lockable area.

There are many facets to securing your property and yourself. The first and most important part is that security starts with you. Make sure you are doing everything in your power to reduce your risk of becoming a target.

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