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Festive Season Crime

Towards the end of the year, as festivities start to rise, decorations are being mounted, and families are getting together; the criminal lurks, waiting to pray on your vulnerabilities.

This is typically known as the Festival Season Crime Block. SAPS have recorded this block from 1 October 2015 to the end of January 2016 for this year. While SAPS and security providers implement special operations to assist in alleviating this crime, here are some helpful tips to keep you and
your family safe this festive season:

1.      Lock all doors and windows when leaving your home unattended (even if you leave for only a short while)
2.      If you are having a bath, or at the back of the house; make sure your front door is closed!
3.      Leave a radio on and a light on at night to give an ‘at home’ appearance. Don’t leave an outside lamp burning through the day as this is a clear sign that no one is home
4.      Cancel all deliveries (such as newspapers) while you are away. If this is not possible, then ask a trusted neighbour to collect these deliveries and clear your post box daily!
5.      When you are at home, never listen to music, watch TV or entertain visitors with the doors to your house open or unlocked
6.      Never leave the key in the inside of an outer door which has a glass panel or window near the door
7.      Don’t keep large amounts of cash at your home
8.      Ensure your house’s street number is clearly marked on your fence, wall, or gate, so that it can be easily seen by any emergency service or police personnel
9.      Keep a list of emergency numbers on your fridge or near your telephone, and save them clearly labelled on your cell phone
10.  It is your right to see the identification cards of callers who claim to be from government, municipal officials or even SAPS members. Even if they are in uniform, ask to see their identity documents/cards and INSIST on this
11.  If you come home and find a door or window open or signs of forced entry, don’t go into the house. Call your security provider or the Police
12.  Don’t keep any valuables near a window!! NB! There have been so many reports of suspects jumping over walls and quickly grabbing the handbag or jewellery box which is near a window. This suspect is gone in seconds
13.  Do not throw the empty packaging from gifts received into your bin. This is the best ‘window-shopping’ experience for criminals
14.  Which leads onto. DO NOT ENCOURAGE BEGGARS. It is extremely difficult to spot the criminal amongst the actual beggars. Rather give them a voucher for U-Turn
Please report any suspicious activity/behaviour to our 24 hour control room: 0860 222 820.

The Princeton Team wishes you a safe beginning to the festive season.

021 448 9030

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