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flea treatment options

It isn’t easy to keep on top of your pets flea problem and choosing a flea treatment is no easy task with new products constantly coming onto the market. This month we look at the difference between the old favourites and the newbies!


Like most species of animal and insect the flea is a survivor. It has the ability to adapt its biological make up in order to counteract environmental changes that may threaten its existence. These changes do not happen overnight but they do happen. For many years the flea products available to us contained the same old insecticides, which eventually became useless.
Drug companies have constantly tried to come up with new ways of combating this problem whilst ensuring the safety of your pet.


Many modern fleatreatments contain chemicals that attack the nerve cells of fleas causing hyperactivity, disorientation, paralysis and death. Some products include an insect growth regulator that also interrupts the flea breeding cycle.

These products are rigorously tested for efficacy and safety before they can be registered. It is probably safe to say that the newest flea products are going to be the most efficient as they will have been developed using the latest research. Here are some of the new products worth investigating.

active ingredient indoxacarb that was specifically developed to overcome insect resistance uses enzymes inside the flea to activate it.

  • Indoxacarb has not been used for flea control before.
  • It is effective at killing adult and developing stages of fleas no known resistance – yet!
  • 4 weeks of efficacy against adult fleas on the pet and developing stages of fleas in the pet’s environment spot on treatment safe for dogs and cats from 
  • 8 weeks of age or more than specified weight waterproof and remains effective after shampooing and bathing 
  • does NOT kill ticks


  • active ingredient afoxolaner
  • oral systemic treatment
  • tick and flea control for 1 month
  • safe for pups 8wks and older
  • dogs can swim
  • safety in pregnant or lactating bitches has not been tested


  • active ingredient Fluralaner
  • Fluralaner is a potent inhibitor of parts of the arthropod nervous system kills adult as well as juvenile ticks (larvae, nymphs).
  • Newly emerged fleas on a dog are killed before viable eggs are produced.
  • chewable tablet
  • acts systemically so dog can be bathed and can swim safe for puppies over 8 weeks old 
  • Can be used in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs.


  • imidacloprid & Flumethrin
  • prevents tick and flea infestation for up to 8 months repels ticks and fleas
  • immediately frequent swimming or shampooing should be avoided safe for use
  • in cats over 10 weeks old safe for puppies over 7 weeks old safety in
  • pregnant or lactating animals has not been tested.

Things to consider before purchasing your flea treatment:
how bad is the flea problem? You may need to start with a combination of products including environmental insecticides to get on top of your pets fleas.
does your dog swim? If so choose a product that will withstand your dog being wet
will your pet tolerate a collar?
how easy is it to dose your pet or apply spot treatments?
how good are you in remembering to treat your pet every month?

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons flea treatments fail is pet owner compliance! The months go by so quickly it is not always easy to remember when last you treated your pet. Using a product that lasts for more than a month has huge advantages in this instance and some even come with a buzzer
to remind you when the next treatment is due!

If you have any questions regarding flea control speak to your Veterinarian!

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