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Work Parties

Our work parties start at 9am – you can stay for as long as you like, or just pop in for a chat!   Alternatively, you can help sponsor a gardener for the morning!

  Saturday 25 March – Purley Park

Tidying and mulching beds, planting left-over plants from the Community Day, cleaning up the Nursery.

  Saturday 22 April – Hampstead Park

  Sunday 7 May – Annual Railway Line Clean-up

(start at 8am from Kenilworth station and finish at Harfield station)

Report-back – Surrey Park Work Party (18 Feb)

Labour for our work parties is sponsored by Urban Village.

We cleaned and picked up glass and our well-known local potter, John Bauer, joined in with his family and very kindly gave all participants a gorgeous, bespoke necklace.

Report-back – FOHP Community Day – Hampstead Park (4 March)

We had a very successful day!  ♥ Our heartfelt thanks to Harfield residents for the fabulous attendance and support and helping FOHP raise R7,629 (profit) towards our list of projects for the parks!  (See our list below.)

On the day we were joined by Cat Trapping & Sterilisation, Sisters, HVCID, Princeton and HVA.



Congratulations to Sabina for winning the Raffle!!

Hampstead Park Notice Board

 We’re looking for a welder to fix/make a new frame and Perspex – can anyone help us with this?

The Entrance to Hampstead Park

Have you seen how welcoming the entrance to Hampstead Park is (opposite Cafeen)?

FOHP put in the arch last year and last week Robin Williams put down pavers at the entrance, which takes it to a whole new level!  We also have two lovely pots that we’ll be planting up. 

Slowly, as we raise funds, we’ll extend the path right through to the other end of the park.  Watch this space!!

Broken Tables and Benches in Surrey and Hampstead Parks

We’ve advised Council and are waiting on them to address this issue.  We have to get permission to remove the dangerous bits of rotten wood and protruding nails, so in the meantime, please ensure children don’t hurt themselves.

Appeal to Adopt a Baby Tree!

Our young trees and shrubs in the parks are dying.  Please adopt and nurture a baby tree/shrub in the parks by giving them a bucket of grey water twice a week.

Email me at with your name and which tree you’re caring for and I’ll add you to our database.  We’d like to ensure no babies remain neglected!

Water for the Birds and Bees

Birds and bees are suffering from the drought too.  Remember to put out a shallow bowl of water with some stones in it (you don’t want them to drown!) in a quiet spot in your garden.

Keep your flowering plants alive with grey water – bees in particular rely on flower nectar for their hives, so if all the plants die, so will the bees…  Many birds, including Sugar and Sun birds rely on nectar for survival.

Pick Up Glass

On your walks through the parks alone, with your children and/or dogs, please take along a plastic bag and pick up glass (and random rubbish) lying around.

Our parks were once rubbish dumps so bits of glass push up to the surface from time to time.  These shards pose a danger to children and dogs and we’d obviously like our play areas in our Village to be safe!  😉

Cutting or Pruning Mature Trees

Cutting down mature trees (even aliens) is illegal!!!  Ring-barking is also illegal.

You are NOT allowed to cut down or prune any mature trees on Council property.

Harfield Village is a Heritage Areas, so if you want to cut or prune a mature tree in your property, you have to ask Council for permission!

Incidents of this sort of vandalism are on the rise in the Village. 

Be vigilant and SMS any breaches (preferably with photos) to 084 8172 405.

Become a FOHP Member / R25 Donation

Click here for our FOHP Membership Form – although membership is free, we would deeply appreciate a once-off or a R25 monthly debit-order donation to help us in the four Village parks (Surrey, Hampstead, Princes, Purley) to:

v  Fund labour (weeding & cleaning);

v  Make improvements (irrigation, grey-water systems, gym equipment, flower & vegetable beds, etc.).



Friends of Harfield Parks, Standard Bank, Claremont, Acc No:  076293874


Important Numbers

C3 SERVICE DELIVERY –  0860 103 089 (send with pix), email

ADT – 086 121 2301

Princeton – 0860 222 820 / 021 448 2605
Police (Claremont) – 021
Police (van) – 082 378 7986
Fire (Wynberg Fire Station) – 021 797 6197
Ambulance – Netcare (closest) 082 911
Ambulance – ER24 084 124
Ambulance (Metro) – 10177
Traffic & Metro Police – 0860 765 423
Metro Police – 021 596 1999

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