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fun facts about cats

As we are all in a festive mood with Christmas and holidays are looming, we thought we would end the year with some fun facts about cats! So sit back and find out why your pet does some of those crazy things!

Why do CATS……?

Drink from the tap?

Cats do not associate drinking with hunger so will often ignore water bowls placed by food, seeking out alternate  sources of water… a running tap!        

Nepeta Cateria or catnip contains a chemical called  ‘nepetalactone’ which has similar characteristics to LSD! Fortunately unlike LSD it is harmless and has a short lived effect! 

Have moments of madness!

Does your cat ever suddenly run around like a crazy animal, as if it is playing some game, with wide eyes and a bushy tail?! This is ‘normal’ behaviour! And is just a way of getting rid of all that pent up energy!

Have rough tongues?

A cat’s tongue has a tiny hook shaped barbs that face backwards and is used for multitude of purposes. It is an excellent grooming comb, keeping your cats coat in really good shape. It turns into to spoon shape drinking vessel and can tear meat from the bones of prey! 

Why do cats love people who hate them!

Cats are really in tune with your body language! People who dislike or are allergic to cats will not make eye contact and probably won’t encourage a cat to come to them. A cat finds this passive behaviour less threating and are therefore keen to explore further! We all know the saying ‘Curiosity killed the cat!’ 

Why do cat’s puuurr……?!         

Cats purr at a constant frequency of between 25 -150 Hertz vibration. 

It is believed that purring is essential to a cats well being and can improve bone density and promote healing. 

A cat will purr if it is sick or injured as well as when it is content. As all cat lovers know it is good for the owner too! 

So sit back with your cat this festive season and enjoy!

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