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Home security Tips

Dear Residents,

There has been an increase in housebreaking in the suburbs surrounding us. Here is some good advice from Rondebosch CID: With it being summer it is so hot to keep all doors and windows closed. Residents are encouraged to install garden beams as an early warning, and ALWAYS set your alarm even if you are only going out for 10 minutes. Become more vigilant of any suspicious vehicles or persons in your street and enforce your security “rules” at home. Report ANY suspicious behaviour immediately to ADT 086 1212 300 or HarLyn Neighbourhood Watch 071 802 2454.

You have an alarm company, you have latched the doors, and joined the neighbourhood watch, but is your home as safe and secure as it could be? Here are 10 things you probably never knew about home safety for added peace of mind.

1. Safes are not always safe.
We can all agree safes are a great for keeping that jewellery and passports safe. It’s true most burglars won’t have the time to break into a safe, but if it’s a standalone safe that’s not bolted down and light enough to carry, they will take the safe with them.

2. Motion detectors placement are key to your home security system.
When securing your home, make sure that your security company put motion detectors in those unlikely areas such as the windows near the kitchen sink and above windows on the second floor. Too often we put motion detectors on the first floor without considering the fact that a lot of thieves go straight for the top bedrooms where the jewellery and other valuables may be.

3. Don’t forsake the peephole just yet.
When you get a knock on the door, even if live in a relatively secure gated community, we all know we need to look before we open. If you don’t have a video monitor installed, peepholes and wide-angle viewers are notoriously safer and more of a deterrent than using door chains.

4. Locks matter.
If you are building or renovating, opt for deadbolt locks as they are the most secure option. Choose reputable brands and reputable locksmiths over price and budget.

5. Store valuables in unlikely places.
Criminals know all your best hiding places and chances are they’ll check that sock draw first. Hiding valuables in children’s rooms, or other less likely places are known to be very effective.

 6. Plants are some of the best deterrents.
Thorny shrubs under ground-floor windows are not only pretty, but make it trickier for burglars to get in and out of your home quickly which acts as a deterrent.

You can read the full article here.

CRIME REPORT: (please note we are not allowed to report specifics)

Below is only as reported by ADT (4 – 11 Jan):
– Attempted Housebreak in: York Rd
Unconfirmed reports (4 – 11 Jan):
– Theft of motor vehicles: Dingle Ave
– Theft out of motor vehicle: Princes Rd, First Ave
– Mugging: Wade Rd


The two dedicated vehicles for the HVCID have either D19 or D20 on the back of the vehicle.
Mileage per vehicle:  D19: 2329;      D20: 2263.
Call outs per vehicle: D19: 63;         D20: 176.

False Alarms: 179 Incidents (Increase)
Over Active Alarms (4 +): Bell Rd, First Ave, Gloucester Rd, Hereford Rd, Mathew Rd, McBride Ln, Rosmead Ave, Second Ave, Surrey St, Wade Rd.


ADT Emergency: 086 1212 301
Police (National): 10111,  Police (Claremont): 021 657 2250
Police Sector 1 (Harfield & Lynfrae) vehicle: 082 378 9449
Police Sector 1 Manager – W.O. Colin Geneke: 079 894 1555
HVCID Manager – Jenni Coleman: 081 412 6109 (8am-6pm) /
HarLyn neighbourhood watch: 071 802 2454
City of Cape Town Emergency services (When life or property is endangered by fire, accidents and natural disasters etc.): 107 from a landline, or 112 toll free from a mobile.
Metro police & Traffic: 0860 765 423

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Stay Safe!

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