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In an emergency call 086 12 12 301 for emergencies.

This links you to the ADT call centre.

Let them know your name, address and that you are a member of the HVCID and ask for one of the dedicated Harfield Village CID cars to attend. (This will give you a fast response time)

However for non-emergencies


Please meet Colleen Luiz.

Colleen grew up in Kenilworth, currently lives in Harfield Village and has been a CPF (Community Police Forum) sub forum Chairman, member of the Claremont CPF cluster, and is a founder member of Harlyn Neighbourhood Watch.

In a non-emergency please call Colleen on 081 412 6109.

Please call for the following: Suspicious behavior, such as a lingering person, aggressive begging, post mugging/robbery incidents, loiterers, trash makers, prostitutes, alarm going off for an excessive length of time, flashers and fornicators, a car whose number plate or description you recognize as being linked to an incident, inform about upcoming builders, car break in, ADT enquiries, concern about ADT drivers, accountability, accounts.

Although it is valuable to note instances of crime on Facebook – please don’t use this as your only means of notification. First point of contact should always be either the Police or ADT. Plus, do notify the HVCID so that we can accurately track crime stats.

Keep an eye on the HVCID website for updates or general communications, .

Remember ADT can also be used for the following services:

Meet and Greet

All clients are entitled to make use of ADT’s meet-and-greet service, whereby you contact the Control Room and request that the Armed Response Officer escorts you into your home late at night or when all does not seem right.

Medical Emergency

ADT offers its Monitoring and Armed Response customers emergency paramedic response through ‘europ assistance’, who will react to any client’s emergency to treat, stabilize and transport anyone legally on their premises to the nearest medical facility free of charge.

Safety Hints & Tips

Although we have been able to increase the ADT presence by securing two dedicated vehicles for our small area, there are a couple of important basic safety tips to consider:

  • The whistle– we encourage you to purchase a whistle and use it as an additional alert tool. Keep it with you when out and about, as well as near your front door at home. During a panic situation (yours or a neighbor’s) blow your whistle long and HARD – this is a recognized alert that someone is in trouble. When you hear a whistle being blown in this manner, please respond. It often frightens the perps off and has worked well in other areas
  • Shouting– should you be accosted in the street (or anywhere), shout LOUD and clearly about what the problem is. Try and remember to shout words which will enable people to immediately understand the problem and respond, for example – “HELP THIEF”, “HELP – RAPE!”, “HELP ME – HE’S TRYING TO KIDNAP ME”. It may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised how people become accustomed to raucous behavior and therefore don’t react, thinking it’s a domestic argument or drunk teenagers message about. No matter how frightened you are, try to remember to articulate – it could make the world of difference.

You are receiving this email because you have signed up with ADT through the HVCID. Thank you for your support!

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