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Dear Residents


If you are experiencing technical issues with your alarm system or ADT billing queries, then do not hesitate to contact our Manager, Jenni Coleman. She has direct contacts at ADT and as a result has been very successful in ensuring residents’ queries are answered promptly and solutions to problems found. Jenni can be contacted between Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm on 081 412 6109 or e-mail her at


  • Always keep your vehicle in a mechanically sound condition in order to avoid breakdowns of any kind. This is when you are most vulnerable.
  • Ensure that your vehicle has a lockable fuel tank cap.
  • Ensure that your vehicle has an efficient immobiliser and alarm, if possible. Carry a vehicle steering wheel lock and use it whenever you leave and lock your car.

   Things to carry in your vehicle:

  • A tow rope
  • Jumper leads for your battery
  • A torch or spotlight which must be regularly tested
  • A road map
  • Any medical alert information regarding your health and requirements
  • A complete first aid kit
  • A fire extinguisher that is suitable for vehicle fires.

   Things not to be left in your vehicle:

  • The vehicle registration papers
  • Any documents giving your name and address, or those of your family
  • Family photographs
  • Firearms
  • Vehicle and house keys
  • Cheque books and credit cards
  • Anything of value that might tempt someone to break into your vehicle, like car radios, CD players and CDs

Kind regards

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