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road closures -hvcid

Dear Residents

The Harfield Village Carnival will be held on Saturday, 6 April 2019 between 09h00 and 23h00.

Last year as a result of the carnival, R100 000 was raised and has been used to purchase security cameras, which have been installed at 7 sites in and around the Village. These cameras have already led to several arrests by SAPS.

On the day of Carnival, Second Avenue will be closed from Durham Street to Purley Street from 06h00 to 18h00. By 18h00 most of the road will be re-opened with only a portion of Second Avenue between Rutland Street and Cambridge Street remaining closed until 23h00.

The carnival organisers kindly request that all vehicles are removed from the identified area of Second Avenue before 06h00 on the day of carnival. It is suggested that residents living in Second Avenue who wish to utilise their vehicles during the day, park them in one of the side streets either on the Friday night or before 06h00.

A small portion of Wesley Street will also be closed from 07h00 to 17h00 for the kid’s area which will include a jumping castle and games. A small portion of Hereford St from Albert Road will be closed as well. Residents are kindly requested to move their vehicles from the road prior to this time.

Only residents will be able to access their roads from either First or Third Avenue on the day of the carnival. Vehicles wanting to move from the railway side of the Village to Rosmead Avenue or vice versa, should either travel via Imam Haron Road or Kenilworth Road [or] via Leicester Street and along Durham or Hampstead Road.

The organisers have put in place additional traffic and security measures as stipulated by the City of Cape Town.

The organisers understand that residents will experience a certain amount of disruption on the day of Carnival but we ask for your patience and tolerance and that you consider that it is one day of the year and that the funds generated will assist with making the Village more secure.

Please contact 081 412 6109 on the day of the carnival should you have any issues or queries and the organisers will do their best to resolve the situation.

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