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In the last week or 2, there have been certain reported criminal incidents in the Village and surrounds which modus operandi is not new but it would appear that we need to remind people on how to prevent them.


Residents should always remember that the first part of their home-security to be forced in a burglary or robbery is often their rolling gate. Criminals do this so they can carry away the larger valuables in your home by car without raising attention to themselves. The security of your rolling gate can easily be protected with some very steps:

  • Fit anti-lift stoppers to the top of your gate to stop it being lifted off the rails when the gate is closed. Both the open-side and the motor-side should be protected!
  • Reinforce the last metre of rack-gear adjacent to the gate-motor. This stops the gear being broken off by crooks using a crow-bar. They can then “roll” the gate open enough to slip inside.
  • Ensure your gate motor is “locked down”, and the clutch can’t be released by someone who jumps your fence. This also prevents the motor being stolen through the fence.
  • Some people additionally/alternatively fit an anti-lift alarm/beeper to their gate, to warn them when the gate motor has been tampered, or the gate has been lifted.



We have been made aware of persons claiming to be City of Cape Town officials and requesting access to resident’s properties to inspect issues relating to water or electricity. Whether the person is an official from the City, a Telkom technician, private security company representative or even a member of SAPS, you must request identification. If you are unsure about their credentials, phone the company or organisation they are claiming to act on behalf of to verify their identity. If you are still concerned, listen to your instincts and do not let them onto your property. It should be noted that there is no reason why anyone should need access to your house unless you have specifically made an appointment with them.

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