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Households with aluminium window frames are urged to tighten up security as a new home invasion trend grows. It’s reported that criminals remove the window pane by clipping away the rubber beading, which is often poorly installed or of low-grade quality. When installing aluminium windows, homeowners are cautioned to look out for the following:

  • Check that the aluminum window supplier is a credible company.
  • Ask for verifiable references from those installing the windows.
  • Confirm with previous customers that they were satisfied with the standard of work.
  • Physically asses the windows and ensure that three key components are durable; the glass pane, clipped in beading and a wedge-shaped neoprene gasket which locks the beading in place.
  • Cover all window panes with strong burglar bars, not just the ones that open.



It was noted last week that 3 wheelie bins were reported stolen. Residents should note that stolen bins must be reported to SAPS and a case number obtained before you can apply to the City of Cape Town for a replacement bin. Bins should be kept on your property until the scheduled refuse collection day.

The City can levy a tariff on a resident if it is found that the bin was stolen from the pavement on a day other than the scheduled collection day. Further information on how to replace your bin can be found here.

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