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Its time for Steam Sauna Ozone Therapy 

Ozone (O3) is oxygen with an extra molecule. It is a super charged oxygen molecule which helps increase the stability of healthy cells and destroy malformed, immature sick cells, viruses, bacteria and pathogens foreign to our body.

Most disease and degeneration can be reduced through proper oxygenation of our tissues and organs. With oxygen levels in our air declining and toxins in our water and food increasing the lower 02 levels in our bodies could contribute to disease.

Ozone Therapy increases the oxygen levels in your body and helps relieve stress, combat anxiety, combat depression, boost the immune system, combats irritability, mood swings, exhaustion and nervousness and improves your overall health.

Steam Sauna Ozone therapy is a relaxing 20-30 minute transdermal treatment. Since the skin is our largest organ of elimination, the majority of toxins are sweated out while blood flow is improved aiding a detox even in the hours after your session.

Some of the benefits include:
• Helps Inactivate viruses; oxidizes bacteria, yeast, fungi and parasites
• Aids in stimulating the immune system and speeds up our healing process
• Accelerates blood flow and helps renew skin cells. It can also make the skin look firmer and smoother
• Oxidizes lactic acid and helps to relax and increase flexibility
• Treats joint pain and muscular diseases
• Balances hormone and enzyme production
• Helps strengthen memory and brain function
• Has positive effects on depression and anxiety disorders.
• Oxidizes adrenaline and promotes calmness
• Improved circulation and helps increase your metabolism

We owe ourselves sustainable healthy eating, good hydration, moderate exercise, sleep and the most natural preventative measures… Its time to add Steam Sauna Ozone to your winter regime.

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Steam Sauna Helps for the following

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