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Summer is around the corner and the shops are already full of Christmas goodies and holidays are hurriedly being booked and kennels and catteries reserved.

Here is a check list to help make sure you and your pets have a fabulous Christmas and New Year without too many hiccups.


If you have booked your pet into a cattery or dog kennels take a good look around so you can be reassured that your pet will be well taken care of whilst you are away. Ask if it is possible to leave bedding or a favourite toy with your pet just so they have something familiar from home.

Before taking your pet to cattery/kennels:

• Ensure all vaccinations are up to date – this is for your own pet’s welfare
Most good kennels will ask for your dog to be vaccinated against Kennel cough
• Apply flea/tick treatment
• If your pet is on any medication be sure you have enough to last whilst you are away and that instructions are clear.
• Microchip your pet – disasters do happen!

If you plan to stay home this festive season below are some do’s and don’ts that may help avoid a mad
dash to the vet!

Think carefully before giving your dog/cat leftovers: try not to feed excessive amounts of leftovers! Christmas food is rich and not what your pet is used to eating. 

• BONES! can cause constipation and obstructions.
• Cooked bones are a definite no, no! Please do not feed them to your dog or cat! Cooked bones splinter easily and can cause damage to your pet’s mouth, oesophagus and intestines.
• Onions are toxic to dogs even when cooked in the turkey stuffing!
• PUDDINGS! Most Christmas style puddings contain ingredients that are toxic to your pet such as CHOCOLATE, fruit or alcohol. Chocolate contains theobromine that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, muscle twitching among other symptoms and can be fatal.
• XYLITOL the sugar substitute is highly toxic to your pet.
• A tiny amount of this substance can cause seizures,
• brain damage, hypoglycaemia and irreversible liver failure.
• CHRISTMAS TREES! Cats love trees– especially Christmas trees! Baubles and decorations can be dangerous! If you have an inquisitive cat or dog, try to make sure that access to the tree is supervised!

• Don’t let your pets have access to rubbish bins or bags!
• Try to discourage visitors from feeding titbits to your pet, they may think they are being kind, but they won’t be there to clean up the diarrhoea or pay the vet bill!
• Give your pet space – Christmas time can be hectic with a constant stream of visitors and your pet may become over active or anxious. Try to take your dog for a good walk before visitors arrive, a tired dog is a usually a good dog! Be especially thoughtful of your old pet, they may get disorientated if you have lots of visitors. Make sure there is somewhere quiet and safe they can go to chill, perhaps with that special doggy chew or cat toy /treat.


High on the list of pet presents you should consider buying for your pet this year that will make a huge difference:

* Micro chip
* Pet Insurance Policy

And of course, there are lots of different dog/cat treats and toys available too so spoil your pet and enjoy the special time you can spend together!

We Wish To Express Our Sincere Thanks For Your Continued Support!
     Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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