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This month I`d like to highlight a common method of entry being used by burglars to gain access into homes and in some cases businesses.

Of late entry has been gained through front doors and security gates as well as aluminium window frames whereby the burglars remove a centre piece of glass.

Security gates and front doors are being forced open by objects e.g. long screwdrivers, steel re-bar, crowbars etc. It appears as if the criminal has chosen speed and force over stealth and time in order to break in.

The criminals are hitting hard and fast. They have ascertained that they can get away with valuables in a space of 5-10 minutes despite having triggered a security system.

Often cars are being used in order to transport the stolen goods away from the scene of the crime as swiftly as possible.

 How does one minimise the latest crime modus operandi? 

  • This can be done by adding external detectors to one’s garden or open space so that a system triggers before the criminal reaches the home.
  • Where possible have a sturdy security gate installed and one where the gap between frame and gate is minimal so as to make it more difficult for metal object to be inserted and prise the gate open. Whilst it may not withstand a crowbar the object of the exercise is to slow the criminal down as much as possible. 
  • External lighting is paramount at night.
  • Warn domestic workers to be vigilant between the hours of 09:00 -12:00 as this seems to be a favoured time at present to break into homes. Ensure that the domestic worker and members of a household who may be at home have the emergency control room numbers of their local security provider.


  • Know who your neighbours are, get to know their cars and household members.
  • Join your local neighbourhood watch. Have their numbers close at hand.
  • A vigilant street is a safe street!


Compiled by Adam Pye – for Princeton Armed Response

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