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Dear Residents,

For those of you who have not yet signed up, and are questioning the effectiveness of this initiative, please remember that the 2 patrol vehicles and funding are only a starting point. And in order to increase the security we really need community buy in. The more people who sign up with ADT, the more the neighbourhood will benefit. And the goal posts are getting closer.

We have just been informed that ADT is willing to supply and install two LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras in the village if we can get 60 new people to sign up for the R399 option. This is amazing news! These cameras are expensive and we are unlikely to buy them on our own without the support of a big company like ADT. Let’s make good use of their resources.

Please spread the word and encourage your neighbours and friends in the Village to sign up. You can do so by completing this online form: And if you have any questions, please send them to

CRIME REPORT: (please note we are not allowed to report specifics)

Below is only as reported by ADT (2 – 9 Nov):
– House break and Theft – Third Avenue

The two dedicated vehicles for the HVCID have either D19 or D20 on the back of the vehicle.
Mileage per vehicle: D19: 2378; D20: 2281.
Call outs per vehicle: D19: 32; D20: 133.

False Alarms: 144 Incidents (Increase)
Over Active Alarms (4 +): Dungannon, Hereford, Imam Haron, Princes, Princes
Sq, Roseville, Rutland, Surrey, Wade.

Please test your alarms regularly. And notify your Security Provider beforehand.
Also, if you have an entry/exit delay on your alarm, try to keep the delay time as short as possible. If someone was to break in through your entrance door they have the advantage of your delay time before your alarm is triggered. Every second counts.


You can find additional information about needing proof of address for vehicle licence disc renewals here:
This article also mentions this: “In addition, the City wishes to inform motorists whose vehicle licence discs will expire on 30 November 2015 and are renewable by 22 December 2015 and whose discs expire on 31 December 2015 and are renewable by 22 January 2016, that they will not be receiving renewal notices.”

So please check the expiry date on your licence disc.

And well done to Gail Brown and the Friends of Harfield Parks who work tirelessly around the village. And in this example at Claremont police station. You can read more about it here:
0151109 And please, if you can, do assist Gail and the FOHP to improve our police station.

ADT Emergency: 086 1212 301
Police (National): 10111
Police (Claremont): 021 657 2250
Police Sector 1 (Harfield & Lynfrae) vehicle: 082 378 9449
Police Sector 1 Manager – W.O. Colin Geneke: 079 894 1555
HVCID Manager: 081 412 6109 /
HarLyn neighbourhood watch: 071 802 2454
City of Cape Town Emergency services (When life or property is endangered by
fire, accidents and natural disasters etc.): From mobile: 021 480 7700; From
landline: 107
Metro police & Traffic: 0860 765 423

Stay Safe!

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