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perimeter protection

This month I`d like to touch on the importance of having perimeter protection.

Security systems in the late 70`s and early eighties were rudimentary in comparison to todays sophisticated systems that are nothing short of computer systems, but so too then was the criminal behaviour back then. When the alarm sounded the criminal invariably ran away. As the criminals became better informed they changed their tactics and like a business they assessed what their obstacles were and adapted their strategy accordingly.

Until recently it was adequate to have interior protection only for a home or business but again the criminal has become streamlined in mythology and has ascertained that the “15min” response time to an activation is more than enough time for him to get away with ones possessions.

It takes a mere few minutes for a burglar to trigger an interior sensor and get away with quite a bit before an Armed Response Unit stands down.

Like the criminal we too at Princeton are seeking better ways in which to protect our client’s lives and assets.

Where one has a garden or open area before getting to the house it is strongly advisable that one looks at having exterior motion sensors installed so that when the burglar enters the erf he is forced to enter a protected area before he gets to the dwelling. These vital seconds will notify the control enter of an intrusion and the Armed Response can be dispatched arriving a lot quicker and ensuring that your home or business is better protected.

Give your local security service provider a call and get a quote on perimeter security.

You will be glad you did!

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