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Personal Security

With robberies on the rise in Claremont sector 1 and 4, we are finding it more and more important for residents and visitors to be aware of the personal security and surroundings. If you follow just a few of the tips below, you have already decreased the chances of you becoming a target of crime!

  • Personal Security Mindset:- Personal Security Space Concept (the understanding of where one’s own personal space begins, and how to securely maintain this vital personal safety zone etc.)
  • Awareness and Safe Planning:- Know how to safely plan your movements on a daily basis and to foster a strategic understanding of your existing vulnerabilities in your own daily routine
  • Be Confident:- Showing confidence definitely alleviates you from being a soft target. Criminals like to prey on soft-targets, so you will reduce the risk of becoming a victim
  • Protective Philosophy:- Protect your information, personal routine, and residential routine
  • Basic Threat Assessment:- Understand your vulnerability. Think like a criminal to see what they see. When a household or routine is viewed in this way, it shows what is vulnerable and what should be changed in order to best prevent crime and threat.
  • Being able to read warning signs, body language and intent of persons around you and increase your perception in terms of being able to see the possible concealment of any weapons etc. on any particular persons or suspects before they have reached you in order to circumvent any attacks against you
  • Support System:-Who and what to reach out to for the correct support if you have become aware of a potential threat or have been harmed. Make allies along your route.

The most important point here is to KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOURS. They are your first line of defense as they are always the closest!

Keep safe, and remember to always be aware of your surroundings!

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