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Norgarb properties, your one-stop property specialists in Harfield Village and surrounds are continually surveying the property trends in the various areas.  As they care for you, the client, and because of their expertise they can advise you, the developer, owner or investor what is happening with regards to developments in the area.  Investors, both local and foreign, are looking at the greater Cape Town area as a sure investment.  There are new developments being built all over.  

One of which is the new development in Kenilworth which shows a growing investor confidence. 

81 Kenilworth Road is a contemporary, classic style apartment block conveniently situated in the heart of the Southern Suburbs.  This development is so well located that it allows for easy access onto all major freeways connecting to Cape Town, as well as the buzz of Harfield.  It is also conveniently close to public transport, a variety of restaurants and coffee shops, a short distance from Cavendish Square, and on the Jammie Shuttle route to the University.

Another exciting development worthy of note, is the Redevelopment of the Kenilworth Race Course area along Rosmead Avenue and Wetton Road. MLH Architects have submitted a rezoning proposal to council.  The concept which is designed to make the development part of the community is perhaps one which should be supported but noting that it will impact on traffic flow and add a security risk.  What is pleasing to see in the proposal is the creation of an “activity” street with offices, shops & restaurants running parallel to Rosmead Avenue between the existing grandstand and Rosmead Avenue; the construction of an upmarket hotel with underground parking facing Rosmead Avenue and an upmarket restaurant in the existing Herbert Baker heritage building which will be restored. 

A “Palmyra Junction” style retail development is also planned for on the opposite corner to the present BP garage site as well as an office block with residential apartments on the top floor and a 370 unit residential development is to be built on Wetton Road. Building height restrictions apply along Rosmead Avenue.

The racecourse boundary wall along Rosmead will come down making the development part of the community.  Furthermore, no trees on Rosmead Avenue will be removed and existing trees within the site will be protected.  With regards to the Racecourse area, which is thought to be beneficial to the area, is the fact that the existing stables are to be upgraded to world-class standards.  All parking for the proposed development will be accommodated within the site. Rosmead Avenue itself will be improved making it 4 lanes between Wetton and Kenilworth Roads and traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of Bathurst with Rosmead.  A proper pavement and cycle track will be incorporated along Rosmead Avenue.

With all of this in mind, the Southern Suburbs will become a development hub within the next few months.  The trend seems to be towards upgrading existing properties and developing new, modern yet contemporary buildings which should enhance the area and the property prices.  We, at Norgarb Properties have your interests at heart, and will continue to keep abreast of happenings in and around Harfield Village.

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