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Successful Railway cleanup
Thanks to everyone who participated in one of our largest, and fastest, railway cleanups to-date! On 5 May over 60 residents and workers helped clean the railway line between Kenilworth Station and Harfield Station of plastic, cardboard, bottles, and weirder waste such as hair extensions and broken appliances. We’ve had particularly great media coverage this year, making the front of the 14 May People’s Post, as well being widely shared on various social media platforms including cape{town}etc. Photos of the cleanup are available on the Friends of Harfield Parks Facebook page, and head organiser Gail Brown has also written an open letter to Prasa providing some feedback from the community.

Community-driven activities such as the railway cleanup are essential to maintaining a healthy, beautiful environment for us all to live in. If you can spare the time, please consider joining us next year (first Sunday in May) for the 2020 cleanup, or consider donating towards a paid worker for additional help on the day.

Request for donations
The Friends of Harfield Park are funded primarily through donations, and the money we are able to raise at the Harfield Village Carnival. While we did indeed raise a lot of money at this year’s Carnival, we do have a lot of ongoing projects that require funding and resources. If you are able to donate to us, your money will go to the following:

• Picking up litter and dog waste
• Acquiring new plants and trees for the parks
• Maintaining and improving the pathways
• New large-scale projects, such as purchasing a water tank for additional irrigation during the summer months, and possible water-permeable pathways for the parks
Please consider contributing to our efforts to keep our parks clean and thriving by setting up a monthly donation or donating once-off via the Snapscan at the end of this newsletter.

Pictures from the parks
The pictures this week are to share some of the gems that we found along the railway line last Sunday. See the album on Facebook for more photos.

Cacyreus lingeus (or Cacyreus marshall)i butterfly! 


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