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reporting crime is critical - hvcid

We are all aware of the influx in crime in the Village, however, it is very evident that that many people who witness or are victims of crime don’t always end up reporting or opening a case at the police station.

Many residents feel as though opening a case is too much of a time consuming act, whereas some felt that it would not make a difference Some residents have even reported that they were turned away or “put off” by police officers when they attempted to open a case.

W/O Geneke, our SAPS Sector Manager says that reporting crime is very important and stressed that it is essential that the public report crime on time. “By the public reporting crime we are given a true reflection of crime in our area and are thus able to ensure our resources are targeted in the right places.”

Reported crimes are analysed and can assist SAPS with painting a crime pattern in an area and if necessary justify for more resources to be deployed.

All crime should be reported, no matter how small. “By stopping people when it’s a small matter [crime], you may prevent it from becoming a bigger problem later”

HVCID encourages residents to report ALL crime. When reporting a crime, we also recommend that you take down the name of the SAPS officer assisting you. This will help HVCID follow up any form of bad service delivery.

Help us fight crime in the Village!

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