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Sage One or Wave Accounting

Sage One or Wave Accounting– which one is the correct one for your business?

Out of the Top 10 Cloud Accounting Software – Sage One and Wave are my favourite.

Choosing the correct accounting software for your Business.

When I started my business, I purchased Pastel Express a desktop software, because I needed to use it for my clients’ books and mine. I didn’t immediately go out and buy it because it was not in my budget. So I started off with good old Microsoft Office Excel. I created my own set of books in excel. I still use excel on a daily basis.

But I found an accounting package that works for me. It is best suited to freelancers or one person businesses. It is an online cloud accounting package called WAVE Accounting. Very simple to use and if you make a mistake you can correct it. I use this for some of my clients. The good news about Wave Accounting is it is free.

For the clients that have more complicated Bookkeeping with loads of suppliers, I use Sage One accounting. It is very user-friendly and has tutorials to follow. It has easy to read reports. You can set up your banking profile and it will automatically upload your bank statements to the accounting software. It has a preset chart of accounts which you can change or just use as is. I love to get new clients because I get to see how they manage there bookkeeping. I get to crap a bietjie and put things in order or if they have awesome books I work with what they have got and just offer a reconciliation process which makes me there checker.

Both packages Sage One and Wave Accounting are cloud basis,

so you can access them from anywhere there is an internet connection. You collaborate (Wave Accounting) or invite your accountant(SageOne) and we can pop in and check whats happening.  Sage One has updated the VAT to 15%, There is a setting in Company settings where you can tick the old 14% as the default tax while you are still catching up or completing the last financial year and last month. When processing you can change the VAT type back and forth.

If you do not love anything about accounting. I have met a few that don’t they can just do there invoicing in either package and let us Bookkeepers Accountants do the rest and we will keep you up to date.

I am a certified Sage One and Wave advisor, if you need any information about the package or training on the packages please do not hesitate to contact me. Cherine Mac Pherson –, 082 403 0792.

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