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composting system

Compost can be used to feed your soil and is perfect for if you are trying to grow your own food, either at home or in a community garden. You can also start composting at your small business premises if you have a suitable garden area. 

What to compost

As a rule, organic matter that will rot or decay will make good compost, but each composting system is slightly different, so some research and trial and error is needed. See the guide below for what works really well, and what you should avoid:


  •       Garden waste such as grass cuttings, leaves, soil, branches and so on
  •       Vegetable and fruit peelings
  •       Tea leaves and tea bags
  •       Coffee grounds
  •       Egg shells
  •       Paper, cardboard, sawdust and wood shavings
  •       Wood fire ash
  •       Seaweed (in moderation, as it is very salty)
  •     Torn up newspaper and kitchen towels



  •       Anything that doesn’t rot, like metals, glass and plastics
  •       Meat (it attracts rodents)
  •       Garden waste sprayed with pesticides
  •       Toilet or septic tank sewage
  •       Dead animals
  •     Cooked table scraps (only if your system can accommodate these)


Getting started is easy. Make sure you have the following:

  1. Garden waste or acceptable organic kitchen waste
  2. A secured, separate section of your garden with open soil, or a container you can put outside on the soil: an old tyre with a board covering the top, or a covered box.  Any container you use should not be sealed underneath, as liquid needs to drain into the soil
  3. A garden fork or stick for turning the compost in the container or heap
  4. Gloves for handling food waste 


Full, yet simple instructions on setting up and harvesting your compost system can be found on the City of Cape Town website.

Norgarb Properties Agents Andre and Lucia (Intern Agent), who specialise in the Claremont area, will be sharing some household tips and handy home hints with you every month.

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