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Take the headache out of Ficaing your docs
I tried to open a bank account, a client went to SARS to Verify herself and her docs, a client tried to change the directors of their company with CIPC. Oh! What a headache, a lot of time wasting, a lot of standing in queues …..
Keep a file with your documents that you know you are going to have to FICA. Ensure the following are in order;
1. Your name on all documents agree, tie up to your identification documents. Do a spell check and a spacing check. Yes, a space check. How many time does your name get spelt wrong. 

I went to the bank to open a new account, at a different bank. I used the normal docs to fica, City of Cape Town Invoice, ID and Bank statements. Well I couldn’t use my City of Cape Town bill it wasn’t valid. My Surname didn’t have a space in it, e.g Mac Pherson / MacPherson. I have used these documents to Fica myself at my old bank. Makes you wonder?

2. Ensure the spelling of your address is correct. The correct number of double letters, whether it is an Avenue or a street. e.g Son Street (you know your son or die son not the sun)
Make sure it is correct on your bank statement. Otherwise, after standing in queues at SARS for hours, you will be sent home to get it corrected.
3. If you are registering with CIPC for a company. Ensure sure you submit the correct spelling of the company name. e.g Through the Grape Vine or Through the Grapevine.
4. When changing directors at CIPC, you need a letter of resolution, and you need to complete CK2 docs to amend. Make sure the ID matches, to the names on the letter of resolution and the CK2 docs. You know us girls get married, and we change surnames. So, make sure everything matches, it cuts down on time – something that would take a day to change now takes weeks.
What a headache!
A list of documents you should always have on hand. For verification / FICA purposes is available at

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