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the importance of reporting a crime

Reporting a criminal incident to the Police is important for the following reasons:

  • Police do not automatically investigate a crime. They can only investigate if the crime has been reported and a statement made.
  • Reporting the crime is important for accurate crime stats. This gives SAPS more leverage to request extra police officers, vehicles etc.
  • It gives the police a time frame & points out “hot spot”
  • It helps them to determine the Modus Operandi of criminals


SAPS, private security companies and Har-Lyn Neighbourhood Watch need to know what is happening in our area to be able to focus their crime prevention efforts properly. 

If you genuinely feel you do not want to take the time to provide SAPS with a statement, please send a quick e-mail to Jenni Coleman, the HVCID manager stating the incident (gates lifted, door damaged etc.) date, approximate time and address. Please keep it brief and to the point.

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