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Should you jump on the bandwagon of open floor plans or are traditional separations ideal for your family?  To decide, you’ll need to know the pros and cons.

The Illusion of Space
Pro: If you want to increase your sense of space, doing away with walls and doors can give the illusion of bigger rooms.
Con: The biggest downside is the cost of heating and cooling a wide-open space.

Pro: Open floor plans allow natural light to flow through a larger space, making rooms feel brighter and more welcoming.
Con: Sunlight may be overpowering. Certain areas might be prone to excessive glare, light imbalance and sun damage.

Pro: Open floor plans foster a sense of togetherness. Families can engage in activities within a comfortable distance.
Con: Personal space and privacy become things of the past.

Pro: Guests can mingle effortlessly between different areas, such as the kitchen, living room and dining area.
Con: Untidy kitchen countertops can’t be kept under wraps.

Pro: Noise travels easily from one area to another in an open space. Conversations and music blend throughout the house.
Con: Doing homework, reading and resting in a living space is virtually impossible.

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