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grade 11 results
Lots of clients ask this very question in my consulting room. This is usually done with a woeful look at their grade 11 results and then at the entrance requirements for the tertiary institutions of their choice. All commit themselves to work much harder in the remaining few months of matric that are still available to them. Regrettably, it is usually a case of ‘too little, too late’ .

The realty is that you need to apply to tertiary institutions during your matric year using your grade 11 results Even if you plan to apply to UCT on 29 September, just before the closing date, you will still need to provide your grade 11 result.

Many learners end up having an enforced gap year because they did not get an initial acceptance from the institution because of poor grade 11 results, and then have to wait for the following year to apply with grade 12 results.

It’s common knowledge that most learners pull out better results from their final matric exams than in the years leading up to it. It is hard not to do so with all the added support most learners receive in matric. 
But Grade 11s, the serious effort needs to start now if you want to enter matric with the sort of results with which you can confidently apply to tertiary institutions early next year. 
Make it happen! You’ll be glad you did!

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