Every year we see new colours come and old ones go, bringing with them a new mood and a whole new look. We always see the new year as a fresh start, so why not give your home the same treatment. Below are some of the colour trends to look out for in 2018.

2018 brings with it a richness, building on the colours of 2017. Think calm, think luxury, think colours that counteract the fast pace of life we live every day. This year’s colours, mixed with the new trend in simplistic interiors (think KonMari), are all about slowing down and creating that space to come home to and unwind in.

Black on Neutrals

Black is the new black. Not just any black though, grey-black (black chiffon) is a particularly popular colour, followed by purple-toned black such as Shadow, and the “less is more” Deep Onyx. Pair these up with gorgeous neutrals such as Cream, Thunderbird, Kombucha or Wabi-Sabi and your room is sure to make a statement.


Berries and Blush

The Pantone colour of the year is Ultra Violet. Mix that with the other berry tones that are popping up such as Caliente, Dark Plum, Chinoiserie Red and the subtler Blush and you’ve got this year’s rich berry palette ready to go. 



Blues and Greens

Always calming, this year takes a huge leap into this palette and anything from bold to subtle goes. Think Sage, Oceanside, Bottle Green, Oval Room Blue, Deep Turquoise, Olive, and Dusk. Apparently, this year there is no such thing as too much blue and paired with some subtle green accents or a statement wall is all you need to get this look.





Not just fifty shades of it, but all the shades! Grey with pink undertones, grey with purple undertones, blue undertones, green, grey on grey, almost-white grey, every possible shade imaginable! We’re seeing a lot of this paired with whites such as Stone White and Ramie.



The Accents

Along with all the above, we’re seeing colours used in smaller sections as statements which compliment and accentuate the cool 2018 palette. Super rich earthy colours like marigold, Civara, Burnt Brick and Artisan’s Gold are the perfect contrast. Use these to paint the inside of your bookshelf, a small coffee table or the skirting of the whole room.

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