false alarms

There has unfortunately again been a steady increase of false alarms in the Village. This is when an alarm system is triggered and activated by causes OTHER than a burglary, or an attempted burglary, or a panic button, or duress code activated with genuine intent.

Should this occur, residents are urged to:

CANCEL the false alarm activation immediately by entering your user code,

CONTACT the ADT Control Room (086 12 12 300) immediately to avoid them deploying an Armed Response vehicle to your property unnecessarily, as it takes an Armed Response Officer a minimum of 15 minutes to attend to each call out.

Why it is important to prevent false alarms?

  • Repeated false alarm triggering could lead to longer reaction times on positive incidents
  • Armed Response vehicles are obliged to attend to ALL false alarm signals, sometimes to the detriment of people with real life threatening situations.
  • Repeated false alarms can make you reluctant to use your system, leaving your home and family unprotected.
  • Excessive false alarm reactions can lead to a situation where you are charged per false alarm.

What causes a false alarm?
·         Open windows
·         Pets
·         Insects
·         Air conditioners
·         Shrubs & trees
·         User error and abuse – familiarise yourself and your staff with your system
·         Technical faults

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