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It is that time of the year again when everyone is gearing up for the festive season and summer holidays! Many of your pets will be off to kennels and catteries, so be sure they are up to date with all the necessary vaccines!

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In order to avoid a mad dash to the Vet – try not to feed excessive amounts of leftovers! Christmas food is rich and not what your pet is used to eating. Certain foods can be harmful / poisonous too so check out the list below to be make sure you all have a Merry Christmas!
  • BONES! Bones, they can cause constipation and obstructions. Cooked bones are a definite no, no! Please do not feed them to your dog or cat! Cooked bones splinter easily and can cause damage to your pet’s mouth, esophagus and intestines.
  • Try to make sure that meat/veg scraps are not covered in spicy sauces or contain too much fat.
  • Onions are toxic to dogs even when cooked in the turkey stuffing!
  • PUDDINGS! Your pet really does not need pudding! Most puddings contain ingredients that are toxic to your pet. CHOCOLATE contains theobromine that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, muscle twitching among other symptoms and can kill your pet.
  • The sugar substitute XYLITOL is highly toxic to your pet. A tiny amount of this substance can cause seizures, brain damage, hypoglycemia and liver failure and will kill your pet!
  • ALCOHOL! Please do not allow your pets’ access to any alcohol. 

We would like to thank all our clients for your continued support!

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