What is coming up in the parks?
Our next work party is in Purley Park on the 21 November and the last one of the year in Surrey on the 13 December – please add them to your  diary.

We are calling for donations towards the irrigation of the 3rd Ave side of Hampstead Park, it will make such a big difference to this park not to have this area turn into its normal summer dustbowl.

Our monthly market is still on the cards for our fund raising but it has been a nightmare of red tape – the final application is now in and we hope to be able to have our first market in time for Christmas – so far it is scheduled for 5 December.

Christmas Carols – will be in Purley Park this year  – date to follow October was a fun park month

We had the final voting and prize giving for the Harfield Gardening competition.  Well done to all the entrants for a wonderful show of gardening genius and to all the sponsors who gave so generously.
Princes park got a much needed day of TLC and the lovely bed under the thorn trees is coming along nicely.  So good to see all our Aloes and indigenous plants attracting the birds and butterflies.

Some great work has been done in the veg garden in Hampstead,  and the old wooden Hut was finally dismantled,  opening up a nice area at the back of the park – which is our safe zone for kids.

We had the table tennis try out and this project received some nice feedback from residents but we would have to work around the wind issue – this is Cape Town.  We are waiting for some final designs and quotes.

We met with Cllr Kempthorne to discuss making the two entrances of Hampstead on 3rd Ave a bit safer so that kids and dogs cannot run out into the busy street area and we looked at ways of creating off street parking and reducing the traffic grid lock on that side of the park– drawings are in
progress and we hope to see some  action shortly.

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