Good Housekeeping

Because SAPS and security providers cannot be everywhere at any given moment, it’s crucial to underline the relationship a home-owner needs to have with their respective security provider. 

The best way to get the message across is by using one simple word: HOUSE-KEEPING!

Would you leave sharp objects lying around the house, waiting for someone to hurt themselves? Then why leave sharp objects lying around your yard? Opportunistic criminals will see these as house-breaking implements, and will certainly target your home!

Do you drive around with your spare car and house keys all day? No, you keep them separate. Why not put them in a secure location so that they cannot be accessed easily. It takes you a long time to realize your spare keys are no longer in your possession, which by that time, might be too late!

Do you like it when your house is cluttered to the ceilings? ‘Cluttered’ gardens offer great hiding spots for criminals waiting to attack.

Do you buy a new cell phone and then never use it? Statistics show that a high percentage of people who have alarm systems, never use them. Always arm your alarm when going out, and ensure your regular checks are done! Do you use that new cell phone at night to set your alarm clock? Your home alarm should be set at night as well!

Do you go out and forget to give the baby-sitter your contact details in case there is an emergency? Your domestic worker should be armed with all relevant contact details, including all emergency services contacts!

Your daily security House-Keeping routine should be as follows:

  1. Set the alarm at all possible moments
  2. Check your alarm status every two weeks (always phone your response company prior to testing)
  3. Make sure all windows and doors are secure
  4. When leaving home, take note of anyone walking nearby, and only drive away when the gates are closed
  5. When coming home, drive in, and immediately put your car into reverse (if someone follows you in before the gate closes, you will be able to get away quickly, or harm the intruders before they harm you)
  6. Make sure your outdoor areas are well lit at night
  7. Keep your garden clear of bicycles (cost commonly stolen items), brooms or rakes (used to ‘fish’ through open windows to steal handbags etc.), screwdrivers (used to wrench open doors/windows), garden shears (used as dangerous weapon), and dark bushy areas (used for hiding spots)
  8. Ensure that everyone in your home has all the correct emergency contact details and procedures

SAPS, security providers, and Law Enforcement, can only do so much; the rest is up to you!

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