• Last year, we wrote an article regarding crime terminology; and we feel that we need to revisit this topic, as the way you report a crime, is how the security provider/Police respond.

    Firstly, crime is split up into two brackets; contact related crime, and property related crime.

    1. Contact related crime/crimes against a person:where a person or people are injured/harmed or threatened with injury/harm during the commission of a crime.
    1. Property related crime/crimes against a property:crime that occurs in the absence of a victim or where the victim is unaware of the crime at the time (i.e. where no person is directly or immediately harmed or threatened during the commission of a crime)

    Crime is divided into these two categories as per the table below:




    Residential robbery

    Residential burglary

    Business robbery

    Business burglary


    Theft of motor vehicle


    Theft out of motor vehicle

    Rape/sexual assault

    Theft from motor vehicle

    Common robbery

    Malicious Damage to Property

    Robbery with a firearm

    Theft General

    Robbery with instrument other than a firearm



    As you can see from the above table, should you report that you have just been robbed; authorities will immediately presume a victim has been harmed, and the suspects potentially armed.

    In most cases of contact related crime, the victim will remember the identity of the suspect and will probably be able to identify the suspect should an arrest be made. 

    Contact related crimes are also generally reported very soon after the event, meaning that the suspects could still be in the vicinity. Property related crimes happen without the victim knowing, and therefore are most likely to have a bigger time frame that the crime occurred.

    Please use the correct words when reporting a crime; resources are dispatched according to the specification the resident relays.

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