When considering installing outdoor beams or passives, it is important to understand that intrusion detection equipment is not 100% fool proof!

  1. Point-to-point beams – this technology can be bypassed by placing a piece of tin foil on the transmitting end of the beam. The active beam then bounces back as if it has been received, and therefore no breach will be detected. You are also able to crawl under the beam.
  2. Outdoor PRIs –  this technology operates on the detection of the movement of infra-red:
  • Pet-friendly PIRs will always offer less detection capabilities, as they allow for the infra-red of your pet. In some cases, you can crawl under the device, but if the mounting height is correct, this will lessen the chance. 
  • Intruders have been known to ‘mask’ their infra-red signature by wrapping themselves in bubble wrap, or a wet suit, and in some cases they can bypass the sensors. 

There are only a handful of anti-masking and anti-blocking devices on the market, so be sure to ask your installer for this technology.


HNW aims to help people protect themselves and their properties, and to reduce the fear of crime by means of active, visable citizen patrols, improved home security tips, greater vigilance, accurate reporting of suspicious incidents and crime, and by fostering a community spirit.

HNW operates in Sectors 1 and 4 of the borders of the Claremont Police Station: Sector 1 is the area from Kenilworth Road to Keurboom Park and Belvedere Road/ Rosmead Avenue to Palmyra/ First Avenue; and Sector 4 is the area from Doncaster Road to Belvedere/ Milner roads and Rosmead Avenue to the M5. Their 24/7 contact number is 071 802 2454.

Currently HNW has 50 active patrollers of which only 6 live in Harfield Village. Obviously the more patrollers on the road, the greater the security visibility and the safer the area becomes. If you are unable to offer your time as a patroller, there are other ways to help the Watch by donating money to fund equipment, or assisting with fundraising or recruiting new members. If you have a particular skill set, please let them know as they can perhaps utilise these to promote HNW. For further information either e-mail or contact Derek on 076 078 1827.

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