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In an emergency, the ONLY number residents should be contacting is SAPS on 10111 or their private security provider. Calls made to 10111 are recorded and the operator will dispatch the closest SAPS vehicle to the crime scene, even one not allocated to the Claremont precinct. As a result of the calls being recorded, response times can be measured. This is not possible if you phone your local police station.

If a resident or business owner is dissatisfied with the service level of SAPS, they should address a formal complaint to Col Louw, the station commander at Claremont SAPS. Her e-mail address is Please always take down the details of the police officer/s who responded to your incident and include these in your e-mail.

If you do not receive a satisfactory response, you can contact the SAPS Service Complaints Centre to register a complaint. You can either call 0800 33 177 or fax to 012-393 5452 or e-mail

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