Puppy Training

Each year hundreds of dogs are abandoned, left in shelters and rescue organizations or are euthanazed due to behavioral problems. Often this troubled behavior is due to a lack of socialization, habituation and training at the most important time of a dog’s life: when it is still a puppy!

So, this month we are going to PUPPY SCHOOL!

Why Puppy School?
It is essential that your puppy is socialized at an early age, so any puppy no matter what breed it is should have some kind of puppy training between the age of 8 and 20 weeks .Puppy school provides a safe, controlled environment for puppies where they can:

• Socialise with other puppies.
• Learn how to behave with other dogs.

Puppy school is also there for YOU, the owner and will help you:
• Gain the knowledge & skill to take care of your puppy, it will teach you about vaccinations and health care, nutrition and grooming tips.
• By working closely together with your pup, you will gain the skill to train your puppy and help him/her to develop into a socially acceptable dog.

WHO DO YOU TRUST? – Not all puppy schools are equal!

Try to find a puppy school that has an experienced trainer who:
• has been properly trained in early canine development.
• Uses only positive reinforcement training
• Makes classes a fun experience for you and your pup
• Is approachable and happy to answer questions
• Is polite to puppies and their owners
• Gives individual attention when needed

Try to choose a puppy class that is not too big, too many puppies in a class can end in chaos!

The most important lesson your pup needs to learn is socialization, so there needs to be time during the class when your pup has a chance to interact with its classmates.

The classes should ideally be held in a secure, safe environment either outdoors or indoors with plenty of space so the pups don’t feel cramped. There should be shady areas, grass and fresh water available. Classes should be run in a relaxed but organized fashion. Everyone should be having a positive experience and FUN!

KENILWORTH VET in conjunction with Hill’s Pet Nutrition is happy to announce that we will be starting puppy classes in May 2015. For more details please contact the practice!

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