Concerns have been raised over the safety of local hiking trails after several mugging incidents have been reported, particularly at Newlands Forest and Rhodes Memorial.
Jade Hanning, South District Manager at Fidelity ADT gives the following safety advice:

  • Carry some form of identification on you, so that any bystanders will know who you are and who to contact in case of an emergency.
  • There is safety in numbers. We discourage running, hiking or cycling alone. Rather join a group of people who can look out for your safety and also offer encouragement along the way.
  • Another good idea is to ensure someone you trust, knows that you are headed out for a run or cycle, has an idea of the route you plan to take and when you expect you will return. In this way they can quickly raise the alarm if you do not return as planned.
  • Wear reflective clothing to make sure you are visible to other road users.
  • Changing up your route and training time makes it difficult for any would-be criminal to anticipate your movement.
  • Find out from your security company if they offer a mobile tracking app which can be downloaded on your cellphone. This is an effective way of alerting emergency service providers when you need them while also giving them your accurate location, especially if you are running or hiking along a mountain path or in a forest.

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