Safety is a priority and must be top of mind for everyone, particularly teenagers and young adults who are especially vulnerable to crime. Without spreading fear, we need to make sure our children understand the potential risks and how to avoid them.

If your children are still at school, teach them to never leave the school’s premises with anyone they don’t know. Children waiting to be fetched after school should also remember to stay within the school’s premises. If they usually walk home, parents should advise their children to walk in a group. They should also follow familiar routes if they walk home and try to walk in large groups.

If they do find themselves in a crisis where they come face-to-face with a criminal, it is important that they remain calm. 

Take note of some safety advice below: 

  • You must make it clear that you are not a threat to them. Except for a life-and-death situation, fighting back must be avoided and any material possessions readily given over. Your life is more valuable than a cell phone
  • If you are in trouble or someone is trying to kidnap you, make a noise and draw attention. Scream “no!” and try to get away
  • Get as many details about the criminal as possible. Encourage children to make quick observations without staring at the perpetrator or coming across as defiant.


Any characteristics that could help with the identification of a suspect (such as visible scars, noticeable accents and tattoos, and their outfit) will help with future investigations to apprehend them.

These tips are fundamental for all children whether parents are at home or at work. Teaching your children how to avoid and handle themselves in dangerous situations is one of the best things you can do.

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