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For years graffiti has been the bane of any upstanding society, with hasty tags scrawled across private property and illegal pieces pasted on the sides of train cars and over public walls. But graffiti has stepped into the spotlight in recent years, with more people seeing the art behind the street culture and commissioning pieces for their private property, advertising purposes, or beautification of public areas. Commissioned murals for private property are a growing trend and we’re seeing more and more people hiring local street artists to create amazing pieces as part of their interior and exterior décor.

Creative Garden Wall Art
Murals are no longer confined to your kids bedroom wall, instead they are spilling out into gardens, creating vibrant, interesting décor that can breathe new life into the simplest of spaces. From bold pieces that create a modern statement to creative and colourful artworks that combine an urban attitude with the lushness of nature, there is something for everyone.

This piece combines clever décor with a monotone mural to create a modern, contemporary look.

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Give your garden a 3D makeover by having a jungle scene painted onto your wall.

Give your garden an urban edge with street art graffiti.

Get a local artist to paint your wall:
A street artist mural can add a whole new feel to your garden or home and is worth looking into. Some great local artists to contact are:

Jack Fox
This up and coming street artist is only 17 years old yet has already participated in gallery projects in Paris, Berlin, Madagascar, New York, Switzerland, and Cape Town.

Faith47 is a well-known Capetonian artist who’s art is inspired by the mind, character and spirit of the human condition. She has been creating street art for decades and all over the world. If you live in Cape Town, you’ll probably be familiar with her murals in the city.

Another Cape Town artist, 28 year old Nardstar creates traditionally inspired street art with a fresh spin, vibrant colour palette and strong cubist influence.

Falko One
At 43, he is one of the older artists around, having started with street art in the late 80’s. He paints larger than life images in bright colours and is well known for his elephant murals which he has painted all over the world.


Another young up and coming artist, Sonny started a mere 7 years ago, transitioning from pencil work into full on street artist murals. He is well known for his vibrant artwork of animals, which he creates to raise awareness about endangered animals.

Legalities to painting an outside wall / street facing wall:

If you’re looking to have a street artist mural painted on your street facing wall, you’ll have to look into the legalities of it. A graffiti bylaw passed in recent years states that all street artists need permission of the property owner and those living in the vicinity before they may start a project. As a home owner you’ll need to know that the law states the following:

“Any person who intends applying a mural or any one of or a combination of any inscription, word, figure, letter, sign, symbol, sketch, picture, drawing or design to any natural surface or man-made surface on any property, which will be visible to a person from a public place, must apply in writing to the authorised official for a permit to do so.”

The application for this permit must be accompanied by proof of consent, not only from the property owner but also from the surrounding property owners and any other interested or affected parties. It must also contain full details as to the motivation for applying the wall art, the intended size thereof, the materials and implements which shall be used, and an illustration or depiction of the intended artwork. If you want a street artist mural, it can surely be done, but make sure to follow the bylaws to avoid any unwanted charges. 

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