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  • Olivia

    Where do I begin? Annie, really are just no words for how we were treated, how our lives were affected so negatively by your choices and actions. I hope that you consider your actions in future so that they do not affect others’ lives like you have done to both William and myself and our beloved Coco who lost her life during the move. We moved into a property and stayed there for 4 years, going into a 5th. We are good paying tenants and spent a lot of our hard-earned cash making the property nicer, I spent about 12k on putting lawn down in the property for example. You hear from Annie when there is a rental increase, according to some of her other tenants they were hounded with multiple phone calls and emails, however you barely get replies when you need items to be addressed from your side. We moved in to pink stained carpets, brown marks and no carpet cleaning service was provided, I organized and paid out my own pocket after my email about carpet cleaning was ghosted. It also took close to a year to get our signed contract back. Our toilet lid was broken when we moved in, that was ignored as well, so we kindly left them with the same broken toilet seat when we left. During lockdown, everyone’s jobs took a knock, I started building a small pet supply business from home and had 3 shelves of stock in my garage, the rest of the junk in the garage was home stuff/ garden stuff. I operated mainly from my mother’s factory and stored just enough for a week in the garage. I had a courier come into the property once a week, if he was already coming into the property for another residence. We then received breach of contract stating I was operating from home, it was rectified within 3 days and I moved everything back to my mums factory and storage. I then had to inform my clients of my delays with orders due to the move and our agent sending us breach of contract email on my facebook page. (No names mentioned and also nobody knows where I live) Annie decided to take this personally and have her lawyers threaten me with legal action. I was absolutely flabbergasted by her behavior after someone’s job had been so severely affected by this and the stock and business issue had already rectified immediately. So something she made personal, her following actions were to inform the landlord of her personal dispute with me and have our contract terminated/not renewed a few weeks after the breach was rectified. All this after 4 years of living and looking after the property so well. She did not act in good faith of being an agent. I wish I had seen the reviews before going into a contract with Lettingworx, the reviews pretty much sum up our interactions as well. The only positive reviews on this page come from Terrance, I hope moves to a more ethical rental agency.

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