I am a resident of Claremont Village and recently had reason to make use of the tuk-tuk operated by Norgarb Properties, for the first time. I had undergone hip surgery and was unable to drive for 3 weeks. Not a problem! A quick call or Whatsapp message to Tendai, the very friendly tuk-tuk driver, and he was at my doorstep. Always punctual, always friendly and polite. I sent Tendai to the shops for me to get some shopping and even to Clicks to pick up some items there. He used his initiative and on one occasion, when he was unsure of the product I required from Spar, he took a photo and sent it to me!! Next on the agenda was a trip to the dentist in Bowwood Road for my son. Well, there we were, the two of us in the back, me with crutches precariously perched across my legs, and off we went. Tendai very kindly waited until we were done and then delivered us safely home again. I think it’s a fantastic service to the community and one I can highly recommend.

Kind regards


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