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Harfield Village is situated in Claremont, a suburb in Cape Town and is described as a thriving group of residential shops and cottages deriving from a mixed South African culture.

Our history section highlights various aspects of how Harfield Village came to be including the residents and more about their lives as well as how the village and streets received their names. This section was researched and written by Kirsten Thomson.

Harfield Village station and Harfield Road running alongside it, received its name from its proximity to “Harfield Cottage” which was built by a Mr Thomas Mathew who was one of the earlier residents of Claremont and a successful cooper and wine merchant. This remarkable man also lovingly known as ‘Father Mathew’, built a circular chapel on the grounds in 1840 where Dr David Livingstone once preached and was to be the beginning of the Claremont Congregational Church.

Harfield Village has seen many changes, including those brought around by the Group Areas Act, our history section shares information about how this was implemented as well as the effects thereof and showcases a documentary on this topic in 2012.

Today residents from different racial, social and religious backgrounds live and work together in this village hoping to protect its’ rich historic physical environment and recognising its painful history is described in a history document now broken into sections for easy online reading.

With events such as the Harfield Village Carnival, the unique character of the village radiates, and so cultivating further community spirit amongst its residents.

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