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If you are a pet owner there is a good chance your pet has had to have blood tests at some point in their lives. The same goes for the animals that visit ARO’s animal hospital. Except that the owners of these pets simply cannot afford the cost associated with expensive diagnostics.

But does this mean these dogs and cats should be turned away and left to suffer with no treatment? Or course not, and ARO would never let that happen. As you can imagine the equipment used for these tests is not cheap. The machine used to run the blood samples is called an IDEXX catalyst machine, and ours is in need of replacement.

The IDEXX catalyst machine is very useful when doing a diagnostic workup of a sick or old animal. The machine tests the patients’ blood and gives us vital information with regards to kidney and liver function. It does all of this in just a few minutes. This assists us in making a diagnosis and allows us to make an informed decision with regards to treatment plans and prognosis.

This little kitten recently came to us with suspected poisoning. Thank goodness we were able to use the catalyst machine to assist with her treatment. We need to replace this machine so that we are able to continue to do this for all the dogs and cats that require a test like this.

The IDEXX Catalyst Machine costs R28,000 to replace. If just 100 people can donate R280 each this would get us to our goal and ensure we can continue to save lives. If you are able to be one of these donors please visit our donate page to donate online or find our banking details to make an EFT. 


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