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chiropractic for the whole family

“But doc, how did this even happen? I just woke up one morning and couldn’t move my neck!”

Pain can hit us at the most unexpected time, for seemingly no reason. We may not be able to recall a specific incident where we hurt ourselves but our body sure is feeling all kinds of aches and pains. While it is true that we may be able to pinpoint a specific movement or event that triggered our pain, it is often the accumulation of all the little things throughout our lives which result in that unexpected injury. It can be carrying too many grocery bags in the same hand, wearing the wrong shoes all day, sitting at a desk in the wrong position, carrying your child around or slouching a little too long on the couch. All these little things put strain on your muscles and joints and it sometimes takes the smallest misstep or night of sleep for you to notice the impact on your body.

As we age, our ability to “bounce back” from these injuries can be impaired due to degenerative changes, slower healing and comorbid conditions, not to mention the activities which perpetuate and compound these issues. Often we get carried away with our busy lives and “successfully” manage to ignore our pain until it’s severe enough to reach out for help. This poses its own challenge as our recovery may take longer than if we addressed it at the initial onset of pain.

Our bodies are not only at risk of injury as we age though. Children and teenagers injure themselves regularly with their activities such as kicking soccer balls, carrying heavy school bags or climbing trees. Babies may also sustain injury to their muscles, joints and nerves during birth as well as some developmental concerns that can be monitored as their little bodies grow.

Chiropractic treatment is a gentle, conservative approach for the whole family, from grandparent all the way through to grandchild. Chiropractors are neuromusculoskeletal experts who are trained to assess and correctly diagnose all the components of pain originating from the nervous and musculoskeletal systems as well as decide on the best course of action for treatment.

Understanding all the contributing factors to your pain can be a game changer in keeping your body happy and healthy.

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